Client Testimonials

"‚ÄčIt's not just that Katherine was professional and organized. What she possessed that is truly unique is a very deft touch with the client, who happened to be my mother, selling my childhood home, the one she and my father lived in for over 50 years. Selling it after my father passed was difficult for my mother, but Katherine was supremely sensitive to the intangibles in performing her job while keeping her client comfortable. We needed a few contractors to manage the house clean up - from emptying it out and donating to repair work - and Katherine coordinated it all. We got the price we had hoped, the close was smooth, and she continued to follow up weeks after the settlement had been wrapped. That's not common with many real estate representatives, who can treat sales like transactions. Not Katherine. It felt very personal and warm and she was the perfect representative for our needs."

-- David B. (Sold in 2017)

"I experienced Katherine Martin as a thoroughly prepared, deeply knowledgeable, flexible and encouraging guide to finding a new home. She consulted with me, adjusted searches as needed, and was a steady companion in what can be a stressful business. She didn't flag till we'd found the perfect home for me, and remained as an advocate and source of information through my move-in. I recommend her most highly as a realtor, and would be happy to speak with anyone who has questions."

-- Kate H. (Rented in 2017)

"Fantastic agent. Great service from the first phone call to post-closing recommendations for service providers.  Katherine knows the area and the market; she helped us find a home and neighborhood that we couldn't be any happier with."

-- Chris D. (Bought in 2015)

"Katherine helped us through the transaction.  She was professional, clear, generous with her time, and super organized throughout the transaction.  Katherine did an excellent job of communicating with our lender, settlement company, inspector, etc.  She kept on top of all the details and was always available to us.  She is an absolute pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend her."

-- David F. (Bought in 2015)

"Our trust in Katherine was of such a high level that we did what she (politely) suggested we do -- to great and satisfactory success. We started working with Katherine 6-8 months before our house went on the market and she brought in her team of experts to get the house ready. We ended up with two full priced offers and couldn't be happier with her results. She got us to the finish line pain free."

-- Michael M. (Sold in 2015)

"There are so many variables, unknowns and emotions to selling and buying a home. Katharine's expertise, thorough approach, patience and good humor made it all perfect. We got a much higher sales price than I could have imagined for our home, and we bought the perfect new place. Katharine is a true professional who made the process smooth and successful."

-- Julie C. (Bought and Sold 2014)

"Katherine is clearly very experienced in her field. It took 2 years to find a property to purchase and Katherine was never impatient with us. She provided excellent guidance through the selling and buying process which helped reduce our stress level. Katherine managed every aspect of the process for us."

-- Lisa C. (Bought and Sold in 2014)

“We used Katherine Herndon Martin to sell our home in Bethesda, MD last Spring (2013) and she was outstanding. I had conducted a lot of research and Katherine stood out as the best this area has to offer – her social media presence is strong, her personal contacts are impressive and most importantly she represented us and our home in a lively outgoing manner that only Katherine can do. She spent hours answering our questions, not telling us what we wanted to hear but the truth about our house and setting our expectations realistically. I realize it’s not easy selling your home (we had lived in our for over 30 years, raised our 3 children there) but Katherine made it her mission to make the process smooth from beginning to end.”

-- David B. (Sold in 2013)

"We used Katherine to help us buy our home last Fall 2013. We were new to the area, so had no idea about neighborhoods, schools, parks, transit, etc. Katherine spent countless days in the car showing us all the different neighborhoods, setting up appointments at local schools, and having us talk to her contacts in different neighborhoods so that we finally made a decision we were confident about. The transition for us has been smooth and comfortable. With Katherine’s help we’ve started a new life here on the right foot.”

-- Chris F. (Bought in 2013)